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September 15th, 2021 NEWS

Connected...that's what I felt like this weekend!!!

Connected to my band Angelo Bombrini, Michel Henquet, Robin Zalm, Maud Knubben ...
Connected to you, my fans, my audience...
Connected to the Cultuurhuis Heerlen...

Music...the ultimate connector!!!
Music...doesn't exclude!!!
Music...doesn't force!!!

With all my heart I want to keep connecting...connecting without excluding!

I hope to see you again very soon!

With love Robbert 

January 30th, 2021 NEWS

Album release on Vinyl!!!

So this is my story…

Usually i record and perform as a solo artist, but not this time.
This time i wanted to try something different. So in the beginning of 2020 i jumped into the Husky Studio.
Since i was just a little kid i wanted to make a record like this, a record that makes him shiver.

But the world slowed down and we ended up in a lockdown.
This gave me some extra time, time to think again.
My mind was getting clearer and decisions were made. I didn’t regret even one of them, “Stick to the plan, that’s what the old man said!”
Finally everything was falling into place.
This was not just going to be a solo album, as i also had the honour of working with some really talented musicians.
The fun we had together made me realise, that music makes me feel alive.

So here it is.



Juli 1th, 2020 NEWS

At the beginning of this year, Robbert went into the studio to record his second album. An album that will be released on January 15th 2021. LIsten to the first single now!

February 10th, 2020 NEWS

My trip to Memphis!  
The International Blues Challenge 2020 on Bealestreet, Memphis was great!  
Being allowed to do 4 shows in the mecca of the blues and then of the 90 registered duo/solists worldwide finishing at the last 20 in the semifinals was fantastic.  Club 152, Pig on Beale and Jerry Lee Lewiswere the places where I played. The atmosphere was fantastic...dedicated audience, great musicians and a lot of new meetings. 

At Pig on Beale I also met Doug macLeod again, during an inspiring workshop ... Afterwards we had a nice chat about beer and in the evening, I was greatly surprised by his presence at my show.  So grateful!!! 

I did an interview with Isaac Ericksen for his docu about the Blues outside America, I am very curious about the result. 
Had a nice ride down to the Crossroads to feel the spirit of Robert Johnson. Also visited the SUN studio, Blues Hall of Fame, STAX and Graceland.  

Wow, what an experience...So thanks a million everybody...for your support, to make my dream come true !!! 

2020 IBC Semifinalist Badge-SoloDuo
2020 IBC Semifinalist Badge-SoloDuo

January 12th, 2020 NEWS

In January 2020 Robbert is going to join the IBC in Memphis.

October 06th, 2019 NEWS

Winner Dutch Blues Challenge 2019