Robbert Duijf
Acoustic Blues-Gospel Artist


Robbert He brings his music pure, sincere and full of passion. His voice is pure and full of surrender. By singing and playing from his heart, he makes a deep connection with his audience. In his shows as a solo artist, duo or with his band, he tells stories with a message. Sing, laugh, clap together and also wipe away a tear…music that connects and makes you feel good.
This is extremely important, especially at this time!
Gospel Blues You recognize him and his music in this story:
“The term gospel music probably originated in the 1920s. In the cotton fields, slaves were not allowed to talk to each other, but they were allowed to sing. This is how songs of hope and encouragement were created, they were enriched with rhythmic influences from the blues. Gospel music is characterized by improvised, narrative passages and extravagant expressiveness. The transfer of feelings, the singer's individuality, his courage to expose himself thanks to the recognition and support of the audience, that is what gospel blues entails in its purest form. That is also what distinguishes gospel blues from other music genres, it evokes a sense of community and provides connection.”
Robbert Duijf Band Robbert's eldest son Rubin plays on double bass. He is a talented young musician who has a big heart for the blues. With a new view on the blues, he gives a fresh energy. Robin Zalm, with extensive experience as a drummer with Volumia, Henk Westbroek, the Herman Brood Band and many other bands, is a versatile drummer with a wonderful groove. Quote from Robin:
“Later, when I'm over 50, I'm going to play in a blues band!”
He kept his word…
Latest release With “Love To See You Cry” the band brings a passionate out of the box blues song.
A song about unconditional love. The message is therefore:
“We are to short on this earth for arguments, envy, jealousy and egos, so leave them!”
• 2023 Love To See You Cry (Digital release single)
• 2023 Change Myself (Vinyl) Jazzism: “That you will happily turn over the LP again.”
• 2022 Trouble Will Soon Be Over (single)
• 2021 Dangerous Mood (Vinyl) Blues Town Music “An excellent album.”
• 2020 Fools Parade (single)
• 2019 Going Home (Live) Barnowlblues “Pure, without frills, real blues. Class."
Influences and inspiration His music is a mix of Gospel and Delta Blues with a pinch of British-American folk inspired by Charley Patton, Skip James, Willie Dixon, Blind Willy Johnson, Dave Van Ronk, John Lee Hooker and Michael de Jong.

                                  “Music from the heart as a healer and connector”